The Visionary Lead "Afternoon Delight" in Deathloop tasks players with solving an elaborate cassette tape puzzle in order to unlock a secret room where two of the Visionaries, Charlie and Fia, meet. The room is locked behind an elaborate puzzle involving pictograms. One has to find the four Pictograms that make up the code inside a certain location.

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This guide reveals how to find the four pictograms, which is the first step to deciphering the machine. There are numerous clues, but the game only gives the player four, so not everyone's experience will be the same. Solving this is an important step in Deathloop because it offers an opportunity to take out two Visionaries at the same time. There are also numerous other guides, tips, and secrets elsewhere on this site to help players out with other parts of Deathloop.


Updated On November 25, 2021, by Jason Wojnar: Deathloop was an unknown variant before it came out. People weren't sure if it would come and go or make its mark in 2021 as one of the most celebrated games of the year. The latter turned out to be the case.

A lot of people not accustomed to Arkane Studios' games might need some help getting through the more challenging parts of the game, including the puzzle below. The update expands upon some specifics that will help players more clearly reach their objectives. Of all the puzzles and quests on the main story path, solving Fia's pictograms is probably the hardest.

Finding Fia's Studio

deathloop fristad rock

Fia's studio is located in Fristad Rock. Colt needs to be there at noon in order to access the studio. It is locked at other times of the day. To reach it, start the level through the left-side exit and head to the right. There is a small opening among the rocks. Here there is a junkyard with many mines. Keep to the left (be careful to avoid and disarm the mines) and Colt will come upon a comms base.

deathloop comms base

From here, either run past it and drop down below for one entrance or turn to the right and enter through that door. Remember, there are several ways to the bunker, but this one has little resistance and is quick.

Killing Fia

Once inside Colt has to pay attention to the hints provided in the menu. Another thing to consider here is whether or not to kill Fia. Not killing her first means having to be completely stealthy. If she is alive an alarm is raised, the loop begins again. With this in mind, it might be smart to take her out first.

deathloop julianna and colt portrait

Take a left and go through the locker room (If Colt enters through the bottom of the cliff past the comms base), killing the guards inside. The next room has two floors, and Colt is currently at the top. There are several guards on the first floor and a couple on the same as the player. Tag them all to keep track of them and sneak on the left side of the area. Eventually, the player sees a portrait of Colt and Julianna.

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Turn right and go through the hallway, hacking the sensors along the way to prevent detection. Julianna is in the reactor room here. It should be simple enough to sneak up behind her and perform a silent execution. Taking her on in direct combat is tricky because her Havoc Slab gives her incredible combat abilities. Additionally, she arms the nuclear bomb quickly if she even sees you once, so a direct confrontation is risky even if the player can kill her fast. Like other Visionaries, she drops numerous Trinkets and a ton of Residuum.

fia in her bunker deathloop

With Fia out of the way, it is easier to find the pictograms without the risk of nuclear annihilation.

How To Find The Pictograms (Fia's Paintings)

There are four pictograms in total, but it is not so simple as learning the location. Not every player's hints are the same. Fortunately, they are all in the bunker so the game is not so cruel as to make the player run all over the district.

Unfortunately, all of Fia's paintings are always there, so one has to pay attention to the hints in order to understand exactly where they have to look. Here are the hints and their different locations:

deathloop masterpiece pictogram
  • It's Overshadowed By FIa's Shimmering Masterpiece: It is behind the nuclear core in the room Colt was in just before killing Fia and after the locker room. Go to the level below and the painting is behind the reactor core.
deathoop locker room painting
  • It enlivens the lockers: This is in the locker room on the second floor of the area where Fia is located. There are two guards in this room and the pictogram is right in the center.
deathloop marking Fia's exit
  • It marks Fia's stage exit: There is a path painted along the floor in Blue and other colors. Follow this to a door and the painting should be right in front of Colt.
deathloop under the tank
  • It's beneath the wheeled behemoth: there is a second entrance to the reactor core room that's also on the second floor. Take it to reach a larger Bunker room. In the middle of this is a tank, look under it to find this Pictogram
deathloop cage pictogram
  • It wants for power: in the room with the tank, there is a locked cage with lasers at the top. Open it using a charged up battery and investigate the painting on the wall
deathloop tool room pictogram
  • It adds color to tools and schema: On the opposite end of the prior hint is this room. Enter and the painting should be clearly visible
deathloop elevator shaft pictogram
  • It Lubricates the shaft: there is an elevator shaft between the two aforementioned rooms. The room is lit mostly yellow, which should distinguish it from the other rooms. Enter it and climb up to see the painting on the wall here.
back entrance deathloop
  • It ogles near the entrance: At one of the bunker entrances. Not one of the two aforementioned entrances and exits. It is hanging above a window.
deathloop pictogram across from sensor
  • It tends the main hall: go back to the painted path until Colt reaches a sensor. Across from it, the painting should be on the wall.

This is not the only quest in Deathloop with different clues and answers for each player. Generally, it is hard to tell the exact answers for each player, but these should cover most of the clues.

After Finding The Clues

deathloop casette tape puzzle

Fortunately, each correct clue found is logged in the pause menu, so there is no need to break out a pencil and paper for answers or memorization. Head back to the machine where Charlie's machine is waiting and use the clues to put in the correct password. Figuring out the proper input of the codes can be just as challenging as finding the clues themselves. An in-depth explination of the puzzle can be found here.

Deathloop Code Displayed In The Air On The Data Cassette Puzzle

First, players have to find each of the pictures from the clues on the cassettes. This requires a lot of trial and error. Once the player has figured out which cassettes activate the pictures, they then must activate them in the order in which they are listed with the clues. Once this puzzle is solved, Colt unlocks the room where Sofia and Charlie are having their secret meeting.

To kill both of them, players must go to the top floor of the room and find the lever that floods the room. Then, they can escape through the door in the back of the room through hacking. While there are numerous ways to kill each of the Visionaries, this specific method is the proper way to kill these two in order to do the final loop and beat the game.

Deathloop is out now for PC and PS5.

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