343 Industries recently released the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta to significant demand, with popular streamers being among countless gamers experimenting in the beta already. One such streamer is YouTube's Dr Disrespect who recently got his first Overkill medal in Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta.

Dr Disrespect was recently livestreaming Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta on YouTube with fellow streamers Timthetatman and CouRageJD when he decided to adjust his control settings. According to him and a fan called Brett, OpTic Call of Duty pro and gold medalist FormaL made adjustments to his control settings in Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta to significant success. These adjustments brought Dr Disrespect's Axial Deadzone and Center Deadzone up to 5.05 from the Halo Infinite default settings.


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After changing his settings to reflect team Optic Gaming champion FormaL's controls, Doc played another match in which he held his ground as Timthetatman and Courage called out the location of enemy Spartans. Shooting with a Battle Rifle, Dr Disrespect started his Overkill killing spree with an enemy pushing up a staircase on one of Dr Disrespect's flank. The second enemy Spartan managed to defeat one of his teammates before being defeated by a combination of Dr Disrespect and Courage who was repeating "behind me" on coms.

As he recovered from the small scuffle with his second kill, Dr Disrespect's shield fully charged while an enemy Spartan tried a similar staircase technique to the first victim of Dr Disrespect's Overkill medal. This enemy made the mistake of turning their back on Dr Disrespect as the two-time champion unloaded two bursts into their back. The final enemy Spartan fell to Dr Disrespect as they tried flanking the popular YouTube streamer from the opposite staircase, allowing Doc to finish the entire enemy team off.

Although he has ideas for how Halo Infinite can improve, Dr Disrespect couldn't contain his excitement as he achieved the Overkill medal, screaming "come on!" as his fellow YouTube streamers cheered for him. Courage played a part in Dr Disrespect's Halo Infinite Overkill as he called out a majority of the enemy Spartans while Timthetatman waited for respawn. By the end of the match, Doc racked up nine kills with only three deaths.

Dr Disrespect was able to acquire an Overkill medal and the highest kill count in his recent livestream of Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta. Despite the above-average kill to death ratio, fellow YouTube livestreamers Timthetatman and Courage both had higher scores upon the conclusion of the match. Timthetatman reached a slightly higher score of 1080 due to more carry time than Dr Disrespect. Meanwhile, Courage had a score of 1100 because of a well-rounded match consisting of carrying time and kills.

Halo Infinite releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8. The multiplayer beta is available now.

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