Ever since the very first Pokemon games, Legendary Pokemon have often come in threes. It all began more than a quarter of a century ago with the Legendary Birds, and these were soon followed by the Legendary Beasts, Legendary Titans, and, in the fourth generation games, the three Lake Guardians. Fifteen years on, and Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf once again find themselves in the spotlight following the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl​​​​​​.


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All three of the Lake Guardians play an important role in the games' story, though it's not until after players have become Sinnoh's Pokemon Champion that they'll be able to catch them for themselves. Uxie is arguably the easiest of the trio to catch due to how defensive it is, with players able to hurl Pokeball after Pokeball at it without any real fear of their own Pokemon ever being knocked out. Of course, before they can catch Uxie though, they'll first need to find it.

Where to Find Uxie in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Much like the other two members of the Lake Guardian trio, Uxie can be found in a cavern at the center of one of Sinnoh's three great lakes. This means that players will need to make their way to Lake Acuity, which is to the west of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's most northerly location, Snowpoint City. Once there, they should use Surf to head out onto the lake and then make their way through the archway on the island in the middle.


Once inside Acuity Cavern, players should save their game just in case something goes wrong, as although it is possible to get a second chance at catching Uxie by defeating the Elite Four again, doing so is a lot more time-consuming than simply reloading a savefile. Players should also make sure that they have plenty of Ultra Balls in stock, after which, they can approach Uxie and press the A button in order to initiate a battle.

How to Catch Uxie in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Unless players plan on using their Master Ball to catch Uxie, which would arguably be a huge waste, they should be aiming to take the Pokemon's HP down as low as possible before attempting to catch it. The safest way to do this is to use False Swipe, which is guaranteed to leave its target with at least one HP. Players can buy the move as TM 54 from the Department Store in Veilstone City, with Garchomp, Weavile, and Mew among the many Pokemon that can learn it.


Those who don't have access to False Swipe can instead get away with using attacks that aren't very effective, which, in this case, means attacking Uxie using either fighting or psychic-type moves. This strategy is a little riskier, however, as a critical hit can easily lead to an accidental knockout, forcing players to either reload their save file or defeat the Elite Four again to get a second chance at catching Uxie.


Once Uxie's HP bar is in the red, players can start attempting to catch it with Ultra Balls. It can help to put Uxie to sleep using the psychic-type move Hypnosis first if players have access to it, though, thanks to Uxie's relatively high catch rate (when compared to other Legendaries, at least), this really shouldn't be necessary. It may well take a few tries, but, eventually, players will be able to catch Uxie and add the powerful little psychic-type to their Pokedex and party.

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