Countless content creators on YouTube have been met with questionable sponsorships, video requests, mod applications, and more over the years and Imane "Pokimane" Anys recently revealed that she was once scammed by an ex-YouTube Manager. The popular streamer recently confirmed that this YouTube manager set her back $24,000 during her interactions with them.

During a recent Twitch livestream spotted by Dexerto, Pokimane explained to her community how a former YouTube Manager was able to swindle her out of $24,000. Laughing off how much money the alleged YouTube Manager cost her, Pokimane stated that back in 2019 she built a team of video editors to help with her YouTube content. Alongside the new editors on her team, Pokimane also recruited two producers and the aforementioned YouTube Manager and the latter caused several problems.


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According to Pokimane, her former YouTube Manager remained convincing through sending her properly formatted reports on what they were working on to improve her YouTube channel. Although the original proposals had been locked or deleted since her last interaction with the ex-YouTube Manager, just as she has been transparent with her Twitch fans before Pokimane assured her viewers that the MLA formatting of the messages made them particularly believable. The Twitch streamer confirmed that this old employee would state that they're working on things like a Hote Ones-inspired show, but found that they weren't actually working on anything.

By the end of her time with the former YouTube Manager, Pokimane had spent $24,000 on what she claims was $200 worth of work. The large figure comes from the popular Twitch streamer paying them $8,000 each month for a total of three months. Pokimane also stated that the YouTube Manager disappeared for a full week at some point during their second month as part of the team, saying that a family member had fallen ill at the time.

Because of the YouTube scam that set her back $24,000, Pokimane admitted during her recent Twitch livestream that she still struggles to trust new additions to her team.. The Twitch streamer continues to hire new editors, mods, managers, and admins, but it apparently takes some time to earn her trust.

By the time she discovered the ex-YouTube Manager scammed her, Pokimane admitted to becoming ruthless and stone-cold. “I went to him and demanded to know why we hadn’t uploaded any videos, and he sent me five paragraphs that told me he had been doing this and that," said Pokimane. Joking with her Twitch viewers, Pokimane also claimed that she was this scammers sugar mama for nearly a quarter of a year.

Pokimane has admitted that she doesn't regret the scam that her ex-YouTube Manager pulled on her because it strengthened her ability to see through scams like this and made her more careful with who she invites to her team. The popular Twitch streamer also co-founded a company recently which is a talent management and brand consulting firm. This firm may end up helping other YouTube content creators avoid similar scams in the future.

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Source: Dexerto (via Twitch)

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