If you're going to list detox practices in order of FUN, this one would be at the top of the list. Chances are you may have seen it popping up on some of your favorite celebrity/influencer Insta-stories lately. There's something so childlike and joyful about rebounding... but it's benefits are no joke! Here's what I know:

I first learned about rebounding a few years ago from a neighbor who had a terminal illness that was never exactly disclosed. He had a super pricey model that was way out of my budget, but a quick conversation about it one day, a google later, and I was sold. I grabbed a like-new rebounder (a.k.a. mini trampoline) from Craigslist for $35 and I couldn't be stopped. It is literally as easy as it sounds - you just jump! But below are a couple of tips and benefits that I've discovered.

A little goes a long way! Starting with a quick bounce sesh can be helpful if you have any back or balance issues. Many models actually come with a hand rail as well. You don't even have to bounce super high to get the benefits we'll look at below... even if your feet barely leave the surface, you're doing it! 

Bounce multiple times a day if you can! A couple minutes in the morning and a couple more in the evening are a fantastic way to shake off stress by just moving your body, and specifically supports your lymphatic system. If you work a desk job or something sedentary (I spend a large portion of my days driving), rebounding is a great way of increasing circulation and as a by-product, brain flow!

No skills are really involved, but as you get comfortable, I find it beneficial to go through a variety of movements during my bounce. Do what feels good to you. Stop if it doesn't.

Proven benefits: it works every cell of the body! It's unique in that it takes gravity and impact out of the equation as compared to jogging or walking... so it's better for joints and the skeletal system. It is also, perhaps most notably, helpful to the lymphatic system, which is like the garbage disposal of the body. Since your lymphatic system doesn't move on it's own, it relies on circulation and movement to help detoxify our cells. Those of us with any immune system issues should be extra conscious of this system and make efforts to support it daily to feel our best. 

Rebounding also helps with digestion, cardiovascular function, balance, and increases muscle tone! Starting with small sessions can be hugely beneficial to most anyone, no matter their physical state. I have a blast each morning by turning on one or two energizing songs and bouncing it out. 

Techniques can added in to get maximum benefits. I really feel great doing some jumping jacks, or arm circles while bouncing, as well as some gentle core twists. It's like a straight-up 80s movie in here! Rebounding guru Lauren "Lo" Roxburgh has some great videos and programs if you need more of a guide. You may also check out Lauren Kleban's LEKfit for membership site chock full of fresh rebounding workouts. These two ladies lead the celebrity way in rebounding here in LA! Whether your style is more Tracy Anderson or totally Jane Fonda, rebounding can be easily worked into your mix. 

Let me know if you give rebounding a shot! It's quickly become my favorite way to get a little cardio sesh and keep the circulation flowing!