Herbal Infusions

Herbal infusions are a great way to add healing herbs and minerals into your diet without choking down another pill or powder. One of my favorite self-care practices has become the artful creation of my nightly herbal infusion, left to steep until the morning. Mindfully harnessing plant power can do wonders for your health, but herbal infusions aren't quite trending the way that Ashwaghanda is just yet. So what does this look like? It's essentially a DIY-tea situation that can be customized for beauty/anti-inflammatory/stress/allergy support. Like many adaptogens, most herbs can help improve a wide range of concerns. 

Working with herbs doesn't have to be intimidating. They're wonderfully gentle and delicate, and can be refreshingly inexpensive... as in free, if you're able to harvest or grow your own. I like to buy in bulk online from Mountain Rose Herbs and VPK, an Ayurvedic resource. As for what to start with... a little light reading on the topic should give you a starting point relative to what your personal concerns are. Dr. Axe has a ton of easy-to-read info on a wide range of herbs and also does a lot of free webinars, if you're into that. The Herbal Academy offers amazing online study options if you want to dig a bit deeper. With any type of remedy, herbal or non, you will need to trial and error it out to find which herbs are going to make you feel amazing! I've never had a bad experience or worsened symptoms from plant medicine, which is a huge relief after living most of my life miserable from prescription medication, but some plants are definitely more impactful to me than others.

An individual cannot be expected to have the same results as someone else. It's literally impossible, due to the differences in our unique chemical makeup. You may even find some herbs work better for you in certain seasons for the same reason. With that being said, here is a breakdown of my personal favorite infusion of the moment, and why each is in my mix:

  • Nettle: allergy relief, kidney cleansing, debloating, stimulates hair growth, blood sugar regulation
  • Red Clover: regulates hormones, reduces mucus buildup in sinuses, anti-inflammatory, great for collagen production/hair and skin helper, blood and liver cleanser
  • Burdock Root: blood and lymphatic system cleanser, debloating, skin healing, prebiotic
  • Manjistha: powerful lymphatic system stimulator, anti-inflammatory, stress reducer, immune booster
  • Rehmannia Root: adrenal support, anti-inflammatory, effective in treating various auto-immune symptoms

The mix comes together to make a tasty tea that I enjoy each morning, and then again in the afternoon. Combining the above into your favorite tea infuser is easy... basically equal parts of the nettle and red clover, 1/2 part burdock root, 1/4 part manjistha, and a knob of dried Rehmannia is my personal pick. Depending on your body's reaction and needs, you can experiment with these to make them your own. I like to cover my infusions with boiling water and let steep overnight. After I have the morning serving, I usually cover again with boiling water and steep until the afternoon.

By sipping herbal infusions, you're getting the benefit of so many vitamins and source minerals that you can absolutely consider this a multi-functional medicinal beauty tonic.