Sweet Sweat

One of the biggest adjustments I've made to my overall health has been commitment to a daily sweat. Sweating is one of the most overlooked beauty and detox tools we have! Using our largest organ, the skin, toxins can be expelled literally from head to toe, instead of just relying on our overworked internal organs to do the heavy lifting.

Sweating helps your body remove heavy metals, BPA, endocrine disruptors, and excess hormones. It also cleanses the liver of glycogen, helping it to function more efficiently by removing the stored sludge! As someone who lives with generally slow digestion, I can literally feel the difference in my energy levels, clarity of mind, and mood... just from a few minutes of sweat! It consistently changes the day, and I find my body craving it.

Your skin will also thank you for the sweat. By increasing oxygen and getting rid of surface toxins, your face will truly glow. Your heart gets stronger each time you sweat by the increase of blood flow through all its pathways. Stress hormones are lowered and endorphins (the feel-good hormones) are released. Are you convinced?

As if that's not enough to persuade you... the best news is that you can sweat a million different ways and still get all the benefits! Swift walk/jog around the block? Totally free. Washing your car? Counts. Sauna? Definitely counts. Even taking a HOT BATH 100% counts! The easiest detox you'll ever do. 

My very favorite way to sweat is practicing Kundalini yoga. Kundalini uses unique combinations of movement and breathwork that make you feel like you're flushing from the inside out. That's because you basically are... this ancient technology works with the body and the breath to circulate energy into places that otherwise don't get a lot of flow... especially your brain and glandular system. Rather than just focusing on muscular toning, Kundalini yoga changes everything from a cellular level by oxygenating everything stagnant. Powerful stuff. 

I've found it to be incredibly healing and energizing, even with adrenal fatigue when more intense workouts are actually quite depleting. Injured? Sit in a chair and practice 31 minutes of Breath of Fire... let me know how you feel. Blood sugar problems? Same. Depressed? No time? Gym pass not in the budget? Same, same, same. It's a miracle-worker. 

No matter which method you choose to get your sweat on, if you commit to doing it daily, even for a brief little flush, you'll feel like a new human in no time.