Yogic Beauty Routine

The Yogic Beauty Routine: Centuries in the making; still valid today.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite ancient Ayurvedic/yogic beauty tools that I DO NOT leave home without.

  1. The tongue scraper. Just as the name suggests, this lil dude is designed to scrape the scum off of your tongue as soon as you wake up in the morning. Super sexy. I guarantee you, once you start this habit, you’ll never skip a morning. You see, our tongues are actually connected to our digestive tract and can store bacteria from our overnight digestive efforts. Then, without tongue scraping, we are literally swallowing this bacteria down with the first glass of water (since we now drink water before coffee)! Sold yet? I thought so. It literally takes just a few seconds, and I can’t imagine life without it. To clarify: this is literally AS SOON as you wake up, so that you don’t swallow or wash the gunk back down. My routine: tongue scrape, pee, sunshine, water… Some people like also to scrape their tongues again at night.

  2. Dry Brushing. Again, clever name. It’s a natural-bristled brush that you use on your dry body! This is fantastic, especially in winter months, for stimulating cell renewal on the surface of your skin, but also helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage throughout your entire body. Starting at the feet stroking up the legs, work the dry brush over every inch, always following the path towards your lymph gland hubs… either towards the armpits or groin. It. Feels. Amazing. Generally, you want to dry brush before getting into a shower, but I don’t think it hurts to do it whenever you please. You may also choose to apply a natural body oil after dry brushing, before showering, believed to catch toxins and help them leave the body more easily. Really focus on dry brushing any areas that feel puffy or inflamed. This is one of the most gentle ways to support holistic detoxification.

  3. Cold Showers. Hear me out. If I had to name one thing that’s made a tremendous improvement on my immune system, it would be a major toss-up between breathwork and cold showers. I don’t always enjoy them; I do them for my health. Cold showers are an ancient healing remedy. They flush the body of toxins by opening the capillaries and stimulating circulation to every single little cell, helping our lymphatic system to get rid of whatever it needs help with. It also strengthens the nervous system, increasing muscle recovery and performance, cognitive function, and it’s majorly anti-aging! One of the biggest benefits of a cold (and I mean freezing) shower, however, is the mental determination. In Kundalini it’s recommended that you take a cold shower before your morning meditation. I usually take one after, so you do you. The effect is the same: if you can push through all the mental blocks that come up for you around taking a freezing cold shower, you can face the day and anything that comes with it. You’ve already won the battle!

These three simple additions to your daily hygiene can remarkably improve your energy levels and immune function, and literally make you glow! Give them a shot and you’ll see a difference in days.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or ‘Aha!’ moments! Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@wellevation.co anytime.