Glisten Up: Non-toxic Deodorant Review

Natural deodorant-- let's talk about it. It's one of the very first toxic-to-non-toxic swaps I did and recommend for everyone. It's also a main thing that people get so nervous they could sweat about, ironically. Growing up in the South and now living in Southern California, I get it. We sweat. But here is why toxic deodorant is just the PITS:

Conventional anti-perspirants and deodorants essentially seal off one of the body's main detox portals: the pits. Under the arms live a literal hotbed of lymph nodes and glands that are CRUCIAL to helping your body release toxins from all kinds of functions. By clogging these bad boys up, we are asking for trouble. Along with the toxic aluminum, fragrance, and who even knows what else... anti-perspirants have been directly linked to breast cancer and other types of tumors. 

I get it. We don't want cancer, but we also don't want to stink! Well, the good news is that we don't have to. The bad news: some people have a serious detox period when transitioning from traditional toxic deodorants to natural ones, especially if it's been YEARS of high-aluminum content use. Using any type of clay detox mask under the arms will help, along with a swipe of apple cider vinegar. 

Natural deodorants range in efficacy quite a bit. Some styles have more baking soda for absorption but can be irritating to sensitive skin. Some are so melty that they can't even go into stick form. Some are just completely pointless, to be honest. Over the years, I've tried probably at least a dozen different brands. Here are my top picks:

  • Schmidt's Naturals: great range of fragrances, great price (under $10!), widely available. Stick or pot application. Most I'd say are medium-strength, but the Charcoal Magnesium has been my recent go-to and seems a bit stronger. Baking soda content rules this one out for sensitive people.
  • Humble Brands: Smells AMAZING. Very soft application... so soft that it beads up badly and makes a bit of a mess (as in all over my yoga mat AND studio). I usually have resorted to using one little swipe of this one before bed because I truly adore the fragrance... I got the palo Santo frankincense one! Great price, but had to order online. 
  • Agent Nateur Holi Stick: My ride-or-die for several years. I liked the original formula the best. I wanted to love the rose and even the men's formula SO BAD for a little variety, but found them to be softer and a bit messier. Moved on to something more easily available (as in at my local grocery store) and cheaper. Highly recommend for first-timers or those weary of searching for a solid performer.
  • Megababe Beauty Daily Deodorant: This newcomer has stolen my heart. It's adorable. It glides on like a gel and doesn't transfer to clothes. It smells not-too-floraly but a little fresh and maybe a hint of musk?! It's fabulous. Mid-price range. Other products of this brand are newly available at Ulta, but not the deodorant, so I had to order online. Hope they come into store soon! I wore this one for the first time to a mega-sweaty Kundalini yoga class with my teacher, Tej, on the Summer Solstice... and I still smelled fresh enough to go to work right after. Sold!

Last top tip: chlorophyll works as a natural internal deodorant and is an excellent detoxifier to add into your daily routine. I take capsules as well as the mint flavored liquid drops mixed into a grapefruit La Croix for extra stink support!

Let me know if you have another favorite that I should add to my list! Happy sweating!!