Journaling is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start adding some mindfulness to your daily routine. It's incredibly healing to the brain and subconscious mind to spend a few minutes in reflection and focus. You want things to shift in your day-to-day? Write it down. Dealing with some emotions? Write them down. Trouble focusing? Write. Things. Down.

You can start a journaling practice morning, noon, or night; maybe all three? I aim to do it every morning and night, and find it really energizing at the start of the day, yet calming before bed. If you're new to journaling or aren't sure what to write about, I recommend a guided one, like this one that I started at the beginning of the year called the I AM journal. It combines the use of affirmations with a quick journaling practice with affects that I can totally feel.

Freewriting in a blank notebook is amazing as well, and a great way to track progress in personal development. This can truly be done anywhere or any time, and is a serious form of meditation and self-care! Many people love to keep a gratitude journal, a goals journal, or some combination of the two. Even if you don't know what you're journaling about, putting pen to paper is a great way to get to know yourself better.

What about notes in your phone? Well, sure, they count, but studies show that the brain responds in a very different way when you put literal pen to paper. You'll remember it more clearly, and attach to it... particularly if you're working with affirmations. It's also more expressive, since it involves a physical effort. Want to make hearts or smiley faces? Knock yourself right out. Journaling is a serious art form that many adults have long abandoned. I'm challenging you to bring it back and see how it enriches your life.