Routine Business

Routines. We've all got 'em. Whether we hit snooze 5 times, grovel out of bed, scroll the 'gram for half an hour, or indulge in other vices, it sets the stage for the entire day. 

I never realized how impactful a morning routine could really be until I realized I didn't have one. Or, at least, not a healthy one. Last year I was diagnosed with progressed adrenal fatigue, and it's been one of the hardest battles I've ever faced. Adrenals are the glands that live on the kidneys and regulate many of our hormones... particularly adrenaline, hence the name, but also cortisol - our stress hormone. It controls not only how well we sleep, but how well we wake up, too. When we wake up in the morning, we should get a rush of cortisol to give us the energy to face the day. It has a few curves throughout the day, but then should level off at night so that we naturally get sleepy and rest well throughout the night. When your adrenals aren't functioning properly, one of the big red flags is that you're always tired... like FACEPLANT tired... literally all day, every day. Mornings are a blur... caffeine makes it WAY worse... sometimes mid-day is kind of normal... and at night the wheels won't stop turning about what you didn't get done today, what you have to do tomorrow, or what the $%@& is wrong with you. Miserable. 

One of the biggest ways to naturally support your adrenals is to operate on a consistent schedule. Waking up and going to sleep at the same time RELIGIOUSLY will help your body and brain to understand that this is what's to be expected, so your adrenals can CHILL. Waking up to a strong yet efficient self-care routine is like a gold star on your report card of life. This helps your brain to avoid a major cortisol rush of panic-inducing stress, that's usually followed by the faceplant crash and vicious cycle of adrenal fatigue. I've learned what works best for my body over the past couple of years, and I know which things are luxury, slow-morning activities vs. my non-negotiables. 

For me, a perfect morning looks like this: wake up, go to the bathroom/tongue scrape, take Dottie out to potty, drink a big glass of an herbal infusion followed by water, make coffee for the Mister and a chai for myself. I then return to bed to read a devotional, which I share on Instagram, and check a few emails to make sure nothing is on fire at work. I then go into my Kundalini practice, which is sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour and half, depending on what the day looks like. I write in a journal, sometimes a couple thoughts, sometimes more. When it's time to shower, I give myself a good dry brush sesh before hopping in to a cold shower, or at least a cold finish!

Many of my morning routine practices are ancient yogi and/or Ayurvedic practices that help detox the body from whatever you've processed in your sleep, and help to stimulate lymphatic movement to further encourage detox and flow. A friend recently told me that she eats the same breakfast every day of her life... nothing wrong with that! Whether it's a practice of prayer and meditation or just closing your eyes for a moment to appreciate another day... whatever you do each morning should bring you joy and allow happy, gratuitous feels to start your day. I would love to hear what lights you up in your morning routine! Shoot me a message if you want to learn more about mine.