Goal Setting

Now that we’ve put into practice some new grounding, energizing, and intentional parts to our morning routine, we are ready to shift our focus to the remainder of the day… mindfully, of course!

While you perhaps still have your pen and paper or planner out, take a moment to identify at least 1-3 things that you need to accomplish each day. It’s nice to do a week overview as well, but then taking the time to evaluate each and every morning’s priorities will make your task list seem so much more manageable.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or dreading that one big thing on your list, start with a medium-sized one, but by prioritizing what absolutely needs to happen and what are essentially just menial tasks can help you to get more done without procrastinating so much or spinning out into the sea of social media (or whatever else you get sucked into). You can also take a look to think about how much time you realistically need to check off the big things, then throw the smaller things in the mix or maybe to a less hectic day when necessary.

By doing this on paper instead of in an app or just in your head, your subconscious mind is totally clear on what needs to happen and can therefore go into gear to help you accomplish everything! You’ll have a better understanding of how to spend your time just by taking the few moments to get organized. You may also have the ability to see what items may be delegated here as well! Once you feel confident that the main events will be taken care of, you will find yourself less stressed and more productive!

Also, we all know that there is possibly no greater feeling than the satisfaction of checking things off of that list! Hope this practice helps you to set up for more successful, productive, and gratifying days to come.

Let me know if you tried any of the tips this week, and how it went! I’m always here to answer questions and love to hear from you!