Taking control of our brains and bodies as soon as we wake up will start to set the tone for what kind of day we’ll likely have. This week, I’m delighted to share with you some free and easy tips to make your mornings more mindful. I hope you’ll try on as many of these as possible, and see how they make you feel! You may start by adding in one at a time, or go all in with each of these intentional habits for the full effect.

Adding in as many Earth elements as possible to our morning routine can help us to feel more grounded, energized, and literally recharged for the day.

  1. Sunshine. Waking up with the sun isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time… but our bodies were truly designed to! Our brains have specific receptors that respond to sunlight coming in through our eyes. This helps us to know that it’s time to wake up! The very first thing in the morning, ideally before you pick up any electronics or turn on any artificial lights, go outside or look out a window to find some sunshine. Set your alarm in a different room if you can, so that you’re not tempted to stare at it or immediately pick up the phone if that’s what you use to wake up. Bonus points if you can walk outside to get your sunshine, letting your feet touch the actual ground! If you live in an apartment or a freezing climate, you can simply open any windows to let natural light fill your space.

  2. Water. Plain water, ideally warm or room temperature, is so crucial to so many of our body’s systems first thing in the morning! While it’s tempting to reach straight for the largest coffee in sight or even a tea, starting out your day with a large glass of water before whatever fills your cup will replenish all of your body’s hard work that has been happening while you were asleep. All of us actually wake up in a state of dehydration, especially in winter months when we may have heating elements running through the night. Water on an empty stomach will help to finish flushing out toxins that we’ve been metabolizing and boost digestion for the day. You may add lemon or something special if you like, but I choose to just chug a glass of room temperature, filtered water.

  3. Greens. Adding a greens supplement as soon as you wake up (with your morning water!) will further help your body replenish minerals from overnight digestion and add in a boost of energy that straight up rivals caffeine! My pick: Spirulina tablets. These little green tablets are actually a type of algae, which is incredibly nutritionally dense. Spirulina is said to be closest in nutritional content to actual breastmilk, and there’s really no one that couldn’t benefit from it. It’s high in protein, trace minerals, majorly antioxidant, and boosts energy with B vitamins. It can help to fight anything from allergies to disease since it’s highly anti-inflammatory. I also personally add Chlorella, which is similar in nutrient makeup to Spirulina but also helps to detoxify digestive organs of heavy metals and other toxins. Both are rich in chlorophyll and provide blood-boosting benefits! You may choose to start small and see how they work for you. Both are available in pill, powder, or liquid forms, but I recommend the tablets for ease of use… this will help ensure you don’t miss a day! This tablet has both Chlorella and Spirulina! You can work your way up to the full recommended dosage. You may also take additional tablets in the afternoon or anytime you need an energy boost!

  4. Smudging. If you tend to “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” most days, one of the fastest ways to raise your vibe is to light one up… Sage or Palo Santo, that is! Burning dried sage is an ancient ritual used to clear negative energy from sacred spaces. From a scientific perspective, burning sage has been proven to absorb up to 94% or airborne bacteria! Palo Santo, which literally translates to Holy Wood, is another beautiful ancient ritual tool said to bring in positivity to any space. Creating a habit of smudging in the morning (or any time) will create a positive pattern in the subconscious mind and relax the nervous system.

  5. Crystals. These beautiful Earth elements can be used in many different ways, but connecting with them in the morning is especially potent, especially if you aren’t able go outside for the sunshine. Crystals naturally hold high energetic frequencies, which is why they are commonly used in electronic devices! They are literally beautiful vibrating beings that are believed to hold specific healing and/or energizing properties. Crystals can be placed around the home for bringing in higher energies anywhere you like (except for the bathroom!) and can make for a quick pick-me-up if you do take a special one in your hand for a couple of deep breaths before, during, or after your morning meditation… which we will talk much more about tomorrow for Day 2 of our Mindful Morning Challenge! If you’re new to meditating, perhaps these simple deep breaths with a crystal is your starting point. My favorites: Carnelian and Citrine, which both bring increased energy and abundance.

I can’t wait to hear which of these Grounding Earth Elements are your favorites and help you have a more high vibe start to your day! Post a pic of your endeavors and tag me and #mindfulmorningchallenge as I’ll be doing some fun giveaways this week!!