Pen + Paper Positivity

Today’s challenge proponent: Pen & Paper Positivity!

Did you know that your brain responds better to writing with pen and paper than typing or texting? Your mind literally takes your word for it when things are written!

The practice of physically writing things is not only kind of sexy, but also helps you to remember things more sharply as well. When we look at a computer or phone screen, characters look largely the same, even though we can try to create memorable fonts and graphics. When we use our own handwriting, the brain detects our writing as something special!

Journaling can be a beautiful addition to your morning routine, whether you choose a guided method or prefer something more freestyle. I have enjoyed the I Am Journal during 2018 and look forward to continuing this into the new year! This one provides a quick and easy prompt to follow that’s highly personal; you’ll write in a couple of goals and affirmations to take with you into the day, and then come back to them again in the evening.

Try writing down your own affirmation after your morning movement and meditation; it can be as simple as, “I am _______” (filling in the blank with something AWESOME!) or a testament of faith: “I believe ________” (completing with more awesome). Write yourself a little love note. Maybe even be brave enough to post it somewhere you won’t forget.

Even the simple act of brainstorming can be hugely therapeutic early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day. The highly acclaimed Morning Pages ritual is one that many creatives swear by: allowing yourself to free write first thing in the morning, without judgement, three entire pages of whatever your brain brings up. This method is from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, written over 25 years ago! Once you get familiar with the habit, it feels less forced, and many people swear that they’ve had their best, million-dollar ideas come through their Morning Pages.

Taking on these morning rituals don’t have to be complicated; this can literally be as simple as writing down one word that comes to mind. Let it be something you look forward to! See how it makes an impact on your days to come.