Full Moon Madness

What's the deal with the moon? It's totally trending right now, even if you don't choose to participate in your friendly neighborhood moon circles (Just LA?). Personally, I've become more and more aware and sensitive to the ebbing and flowing moon energies over the past few years. The more I learn about the magic of the moon, the more it resonates. This magic is far from new, however… Did you ever hear of someone being called a 'lunatic' or 'looney' back in the day? Lunar = the moon! Count Dracula (or every other spooky tale that ever took place) coming out at the full moon... Is it all too woo-woo for you? Here is some food for thought about how the full moon has earned such a mystical moment:

Since human bodies are made up of roughly 75% water, it could stand to reason that maybe we are affected by the moon's gravitational pull, as are the tides of the ocean, but many experts say this only applies to unconfined bodies of water. We're almost all dehydrated as is, so I could see it. For women especially, however, our hormones and menstrual cycles do in fact naturally mimic the cycle of the moon. It is common for women who aren't on hormonal birth control to either ovulate on the full moon and menstruate on the new moon, or vice versa. The same is true for many other members of the animal kingdom... Folklore? maybe, but people have been discussing for thousands of years what effects the moon has on fertility and, ahem, mating. If you do find yourself with your menstrual cycle syncing up with the moon cycle, it's a no-brainer that you'll feel shifts in energy and mood around this time as your body processes the chemical hormones involved. And guess who just had a half a bag of corn-and grain-free tortilla chips and a Honey Mama's Lavender Rose bar for dinner? This girl, who just synced her cycle with the Full Moon. 

Stories and studies galore have suggested that men and women alike can feel the madness of the moon, with a supposed increase in injuries and psychological episodes reported in hospitals, crisis call centers, etc. The jury is still out on any definitive proof of the moon's magic, so you'll have to be the judge.

Last but not least... sleep deprivation, which let's be real, is enough to drive anyone crazy, is a seemingly really real thing around a full moon, because the sky is at its brightest. If you're hyper sensitive to time changes through the seasons or when traveling, you may have trouble sleeping around the time of a full moon simply due to this fact. 

Whether you believe it to be miracle or coincidence is a personal choice, but it is undeniable that people all across the globe for thousands and thousands of years have spent much time and energy trying to master the moon and all her glorious cycles. What do I believe? I believe that God made us all full of vast mystery. Miracles all day every day, just from the way we breathe the air to the wonderful weirdness of making babies. He made the moon, too, and the stars and everything else in the universe. So, yes, I believe that we are all miraculously connected with it ALL, in the most magical way. 

SoulLindsey Lekhraj