Epigenetics Coaching: Comprehensive DNA Kit, Analysis + Reading

Epigenetics Coaching: Comprehensive DNA Kit, Analysis + Reading


Your DNA provides the exact blueprint for what foods, supplements, sleep patterns, exercise and lifestyle choices will naturally lead to the best you. Unlock the ideal precision nutrition plan for you based on your genetics and your specific food preferences. Unleash your full potential using our whole-systems approach and perform at peak in every domain of your life.

Your DNA Test Kit is easy to complete in the comfort of your own home by just swabbing your cheek and returning the sample to our lab. Upon processing, you will be prompted to schedule your coaching session for your Epigenetics Analysis and custom wellness plan.

This comprehensive reading covers your individual DNA-encoded needs and preferences for Sleep, Nutrition, Supplementation, Detoxification, Hormones, and Exercise.

This data provides an incredibly dense foundation of knowledge for optimization of your well-being that can be referenced throughout your lifetime! Understanding these key factors and how your body functions best allows you to follow the lifestyle that best supports you, without question. This test is recommended for the general health and well-being of anyone, of any age, and can be especially insightful for individuals struggling with chronic or undiagnosed health concerns.

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