Reiki-Infused Custom Flower Remedy

Reiki-Infused Custom Flower Remedy


While flowers have been used for healing for centuries, Flower Essence Remedies were developed in the 1920-1930s by British physician Dr. Edward Bach, after discovering that the subtle high-vibrational frequencies of flowers can be used to assist in healing the body through emotional support.

Flower essences carry no fragrance, but work in a similar realm as crystal or sound healing by inviting the body and mind to elevate to meet their unique frequency. These remedies are custom blended and can be taken directly in the mouth or under the tongue, mixed in a beverage, applied directly to the skin, or added to a nurturing bath. Your custom blend can be taken as needed or up to 4 times per day for emotional support and vibrational shift.

Each remedy is hand-crafted and charged with Reiki love by Lindsey before completion, sending healing and energetic vibes right to you!

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Upon purchase, you will receive an in-depth survey used to develop your custom formula.